Hearing Specials

Seeking Study Participants

Seeking Study Participants

Now through November 30th

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our customers and all of the Florida Keys residents. We wish everyone a safe and quick recovery from Hurricane Irma. Hear 4 U is open for business in Homestead. We will open in Key West November 3. We hope everyone in your family is safe.

Seeking study participants to test digital hearing technology. Scheduling Test Trial participants through November 30th. You should participate if:

  • you miss out on important family gatherings.
  • you consistently hear mumbling instead of words.
  • you consistently ask others to repeat themselves.
  • your current hearing aids fail to filter words from background noise.

We will be offering tremendous incentives, including financial, toward the purchase of any New Digital Hearing System during this special event! Remember, appointments are limited so please call today!

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We care for your Hearing health.

Hear 4 Kidz offers hearing aids and hearing healthcare services including hearing screening, hearing evaluation and tinnitus treatment in Miami, Homestead, Key West and Surfside FL also serves Panama and Dominican Republic with two offices.

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