Extraordinary hearing care for extraordinary people!


Providing exceptional hearing care.

Welcome to Hear 4 Kidz/Hear 4 U - "extraordinary hearing care for extraordinary people!" Our Mission is to provide exceptional hearing health care to all individuals of South Florida, the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, & Republic of Panama-Central America. To work collaboratively with other community health care professionals to meet the health care needs of those we serve.

Fun facts about hearing.

The ear’s malleus, incus and stapes (otherwise known as the hammer, anvil and stirrup) are the smallest bones in the human body. All three together could fit together on a penny.

Ears not only help you with your hearing, but they also aid in your body's ability to balance properly.

Snakes hear through the jaw bone and through a traditional inner ear. In essence, snakes have two distinct hearing mechanisms that help them hear.

Our milestones are your path to better hearing.

In 2008 we launched a new adult friendly name: HEAR 4 U. We still provide the same friendly and professional service, but clearly we are here for everyone!

Higher standards with three number one priorities.

Phenomenal hearing care for patients of all ages.

We took an aggressive effort to let our adult clients know that we are here for them. Please see our "locations" section for telephone, e-mail, and address information and hours of operation.

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